Seaside Foundation

All members of Seaside AAUW are members of Seaside AAUW Scholarship Foundation, which has a separate board focusing on fundraising and awarding scholarships to girls and women of our local communities.  In addition we have helped support local middle school girls attend a summer Tech Trek program and honor a local girl or woman as part of the Breaking Barriers Award program.

This year’s Foundation board is headed by Chair Jane McGeehan, Treasurer Carol Brenneman and Secretary Tricia Howell. Other board members are Maureen Casterline, Helen Gronquist, Joanne McIntyre, and Linda Schaeffer. AAUW Branch President, Diana McLoughlin, acts as liaison with the entire branch membership.

Our local AAUW branch began modestly with a scholarship of $300 in 1990 and were granted 501c3 status in 2005.   If you would like to help us with this important work, checks may be made out to Seaside Scholarship Foundation and mailed to PO Box 693, Seaside, OR 97138.

Scholarship Opportunities

1)  Seaside AAUW Scholarship for women returning to school after an absence of five years.  One or more scholarship will be awarded each Spring for an amount up to $2000 for a woman enrolled in a two or four year college program.

Scholarship Application 

2) The June Stromberg Scholarship is a $1000 award for a graduating Seaside High School student who is the first female in her family to go to college.  Scholarships are available through the counseling office of Seaside High School and comply with their due dates.

Seaside High School and Warrenton High School

The Scholarship Application is available online by choosing the link above or from either school’s counseling office.

3)  Breaking Barriers Achievement Award is for a woman or girl who has demonstrated an exceptional ability to break barriers for women and girls.  This award carries with it a $500 scholarship which can be donated to an educational program by the Award winner for either her use or the use of girls or women.

Breaking Barriers Scholarship Nomination 

This nomination is due by April 1 of each year and should be returned to the Scholarship Foundation Chair at P.O. Box 693, Seaside, OR 97138..