What We’re Learning: Branch Meetings

This year’s overall strategic plan is to assess the needs of adolescent girls and develop a call for action with middle school girls being the focus.

Meeting dates are traditionally the 3rd Saturday of the month at 10:00 AM. We meet in homes as well as public domains. The planned program for the year includes a variety of activities relating to our overall mission. Karen Beck, program chair, can be reached at aauwseaside@gmail.com for additional information.

Date Program Speaker(s) Summary
September 15 High School Girl’s Interviews Speaker: Natalie Osburn A proposed plan to help girls practice how to interview and present themselves. A chance for girls to meet professional women willing to listen to their hopes and dream.
Host:  Judy Carder
October 20 Mission Control Speaker: Rachel Whisler An innovative new program helping elementary children deal with stress and learn how to verbalize their feelings.
Host: Judy Redekop
November 17 Tech Trek Speaker: Kathy Gervasi An overview of the Tillamook project held each June for a week.  A sharing of the hands-on STEM projects.
Host: Nancy Kruger
December 15 History Tour Flavel House, Astoria with a cookie exchange
January 19 Housing Crisis Panel Speakers: Seaside City council member, school counselors, and business members Host: Beach Books
February 16 Women Veterans Speaker: A state AAUW member with a formal presentation and panels of pictures Host: Seaside City Library
March 16 Teen Suicide Panel Speakers including a teenage and a counselor for suicide
April Equal Pay Project
April: 12-14 State Convention
May 18 Program Planning, convention reports, follow-up on fall interviews for girls Host : Cindy Gould
June 1 Wildlife Center of the North Coast Tour Host and tour guide Karen Beck