Branch Officers

Seaside (OR) 2020-22 Officers

Officers and contacts may be reached by email at or PO Box 693. Seaside, OR. 97138

Pictured left to right: Nancy Kruger Helen Gronquist,Carol Brenneman, Karin Webb, Karen Beck,Jane Mcgeehan, Cindy Could, Pat Rowland.

President:                                            Jamey Hendricks

Membership Vice President:          Bonnie Callow

Public Policy Chair:                            Open

Program Vice President:                  Denise Mitchell

Secretary:                                             Sivai Bennett

Finance Vice President:                    Jonel Glass

Scholarship Foundation Chair:       Jane Mcgeehan

Hospitality Chair:                              Karin Webb

Other Contacts

CoastLines Newsletter:                   Libbie Allen

Book Group:                                        Jane Mcgeehan

Sunshine:                                            Helen Gronquist

Walking Group:                                 Diana McLoughlin

Webmaster:                                       Carol Brenneman

Wings:                                                  Nancy Kruger

Birthday Lunch Brunch:                 Judy Carder

Publicity:                                             TBA