Branch Information

Seaside AAUW first became an independent branch of the national AAUW in 1943. Since then we have grown to a group of approximately 50 women advancing and encouraging equity for women and girls.

We have provided open meetings to the public on issues affecting women and children as well as candidates running for public office from the area. This past year we supported the local bond issue to build a new school building to house our local young people. Since the average age of district schools is over 60 years of age, facilities and opportunities for children are extremely outdated. We are pleased to see progress made in building this new facility.

We are extremely proud to have developed a local 501 (c) 3 Scholarship Foundation providing over $4000 a year in financial scholarships to women returning to school after an absence of 5 years, a high school graduating girl who is the first to attend college from her family, a local woman or girl who has broken barriers for women and girls at our Spring Fashion Show. In addition, we support a tech trek program for 7th grade girls in a summer program. We will be expanding these local opportunities this next year. In addition it has been our policy to support state and national programs with a $500 donation to AAUW Funds and recognizing a member who has shown outstanding service to our community.

We are now studying the needs of middle school girls and plan to develop some type of program to promote their success in pursuing their education. Karen Beck, local AAUW member, will be heading up this study. Please contact her if you have particular ideas or concerns regarding this targeted group of young women.