What We’re Viewing: Monthly Film Discussion

This past year has seen the Movie group watch and discuss many of the top rated movies including:   La La Land, Hidden Figures, Manchester by the Sea, Trumbo, Lady in the Van, Frozen, Spotlight, The Danish Girl, Me Before You, and Grandma.  Since we started a couple years ago we have become much more critical and insightful when discussing the highlights of each feature.    We select the movies we want to watch several months in advance, watch prior to our meeting, and then meet in our members’ homes with appetizers and a beverage of some sort.  All AAUW members are invited to participate. We guarantee an enjoyable afternoon and discussions can become heated as we each have our favorites.     Movie group is held the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 3:00 to 5:00.   After the discussion we grade each movie and assign a grade for the movie.

Current selections can be found on the calendar of our Seaside AAUW website, as well as the location of the month’s meetings.   Information can also be found in our newspaper Coastlines, and co-ordinator Karin Webb sends out an email to participants.

Looking Ahead:

Sept.19  “Loving” 2016 Host:  Judy Carder;  Moderator:   Nancy Kruger;   A-L: wine/cold beverage, M-Z appetizer

Oct. 17 “Lion”  2017   Host: Kathleen Hudson;  Moderator:  Gheri Fouts;  A-L: appetizer, M-Z wine/cold beverage

Nov. 21 “Sing” animated 2016   Host:  Diane McVey; Moderator Cindy Gould;   A-L  wine/cold beverage, M-Z  appetizer