Branch Officers

Seaside (OR) 2017-18 Officers

Officers and contacts may be reached by email at or PO Box 693. Seaside, OR. 97138

The Seaside AAUW Board met in August to help determine programs and events for the year.

Pictured: 1st Row: Karin Webb, Hospitality Chair; Cindy Gould, President; Lorrie Morris, Program Chair
2nd Row: Nancy Kruger, Secretary; Gini Dideum, Financial Officer; Kathleen Hudson, Sunshine; Ane McIntyre, State Membership Chair

President:                                             Cindy Gould

Membership Vice President:           Pat Rowland

Public Policy Chair:                             TBA

Program Vice President:                   Lorrie Morris

Secretary:                                             Nancy Kruger

Financial Officer:                                Gini Dideum

Scholarship Foundation Chair:       Helen Gronquist

Hospitality Chair:                              Karin Webb

Other Contacts

CoastLines Newsletter:                   Libbie Allen

Book Group:                                       Gini Dideum

Sunshine:                                            Kathleen Hudson

Walking Group:                                 Diana McLoughlin

Webmaster:                                       Carol Brenneman

Wings:                                                  Nancy Kruger

Birthday Lunch Brunch:                 Judy Carder

Publicity:                                             TBA

Fashion Show Chair:                       Jane McGeehan