Branch Information

Seaside AAUW first became an independent branch in 1943 breaking off from Astoria during WWII because of gas rationing and the difficulty of getting there.  Since then we have grown to a group of approximately 50 women advancing and encouraging equity for women and girls.

Over the years we have honored over 40 local women and one man with named gift award of $500 each to support state and national program for women and girls.   Locally we have developed a 501-C3 Scholarship Foundation and this past year gave a total of $4000 to a woman returning to college after an absence of five years, a first generation high school girl attending college, and an award for a graduating senior girl who broke barriers for women and girls in addition to supporting a tech trek program for 7th grade girls in a summer program.  We also co-sponsor the Wings Conference with Astoria Branch at Clatsop Community College to help provide resources an information to women wanting to return to school.

We have provided open meetings to the public on issues affecting women and children and this year will be doing a forum on the candidates running for public office from the area.  We have taken a stand and are proud to announce our support of the local bond issue to build a new school building to house our local young people out of the tsunami zone.   The schools in our district average over 60 years of age and consequently are not only outdated as far as facilities and opportunities but put our children at risk In case of a tsunami

Our activities and interests have varied over the years depending on the interests of our members at the time.   Presently we have interest groups for books, movies, and walking or hiking.